Our Akhal-Teke Horses
Metman - 1996 Stallion
1076 Melekush x 2803 Marsia
class 1
Line Arab

Super Kind personality.  Strong floating movement. Great work ethics and attitude

Winner of "Most Versitile"" over all horse breeds at the 2008 SANA Rare Breeds Show

Consistant winner in showjumping up to 1.4 meter.

Reserve Champion Endurance at the 2005 Moscow World Championships

Salam - 2000 Stallion
Elite Grade
Line Fakirpelven

Our Tallest Akhal-Teke Stallion at 16.1 hands.  Floating dressage gaites, great jumping scope.  Again the sweet sweet Teke personality. 

Currently standing at Cascade Gold Akhal Teke in Snohomish WA
Akhal-Teke Stallions
Akhal-Teke Mares
Aishet - 2003 mare
Ekeman x  Alokol
Elite grade

Dappled sooty buckskin that takes your breath away.  Aishet is our most heavy type Teke with broader chest and hip yet still refined, typy and correct.  2008 Reserve champion SANA and ATSA mare

She has produced a beautiful filly and colt in her own copy.

Sakinate - 2003 mare
Kortik x Saragossa
Line Torborbay

Our Tallest Akhal-Teke at 16.2 hands Correct and flashy Beautiful mare with good jumping scope floating dressage gaites.
Daga - 1998 mare
Gigant x Darpa
Line Gelinski

#3 mare in 2002 US grading tour.  Exquisit mare, breath taking movements and style.  Correct, typy and charming.  We purchased her in the US to cross with our stallion Salam.  2008 SANA andATSA Grand Champion Mare

In 2006 we imported 6 Akhal-Teke horses from Russia, 3 Stallions and 3 mares.  Our horses were choosen for their unigue bloodlines, temperment and sports ability.   These are some of the finest imported Akhal-Teke in the U.S.
Akhal-Teke 2008 Foals
Azmele - 2008 mare
Metman x Aishet
Beautiful correct typey filly first Metman foal in the U.S. Light flowing gaites loving personality. Good work ethic.  rare bloodlines good foundation mare or sports partner.

Offered for sale
Samaddin - 2008 colt
Magnatli x Sakinate

Beautiful correct typey colt  flowing gaites super sweet personality. Good work ethic.  Metallic gold like his father.  Good foundation stallion prospect or sports horse

Sold - will be standing stud in Alberta, Canada (in the future)
Freedom Run Farm
Before the Arabian and the Thoroughbred, there was an ancient breed of horse known for its stamina, intelligence, and beauty. The Akhal-Teke has been part of Middle Eastern legends for centuries, but is still unfamiliar to most of the world
For Sale

Simon - 2009 colt
Magnatli x Sakinate

Bay Colt born April 26th, 2009

Offered for sale - very smart and easy to work with.  Beautiful Movements.  Will mature 16 hands.  Perfect sport horse prospect.  Jumping eventing, endurance, dressage... he will excel
For Sale
video now on her page
Akhal-Teke 2009 Foals

Frozen Semen
For Sale
Samantha - 2012 filly
Metman x Sakinate

Chestnut filly born March 11, 2012

Offered for sale
Damon - 2012 colt
Metman x CR Daisy Duke (Paint Horse)

Black and white Pinto
born February 24, 2012

Offered for sale
Akhal-Teke 2012 Foals
For Sale
For Sale